Golden Opportunity for Overseas Pakistani’s

Overseas Pakistanis are the real asset of Pakistan and they seem to be the backbone of our economy.

Oversees are those hard-working people who stay in other countries just to make money for their loved ones and also for their country.

Real estate Industry

People living outside of Pakistan usually send money for family support and to invest in Pakistan. One of the most lucrative industries to invest in in Pakistan now is the real estate industry. The investment in real estate is one time and if you buy a property its value will appreciate over time. To urge people to invest more in the industry, the government is taking initiative and creating more opportunities. 

It has been seen in the past that most of the overseas Pakistanis are got trapped in 

The fake investments in real estate, as they have been misled about the fake projects in different locations, most of the time the location of their heavy investments doesn’t even exist.

To overcome this issue every government has launched so many projects for the safe investment of overseas Pakistanis. Now the real estate is the most profitable investment among all the investments in Pakistan.

Dreamland Marketing & Overseas Pakistani’s:

Dreamland marketing always comes up with brave heart towards the Overseas Pakistani’s as they are the most hardworking living far away from their homes. To all overseas Pakistani’s, if you have made up your mind towards the investment in the real estate industry and finding the best investment option then you may contact Dreamland marketing to have a professional and expert opinion about an investment opportunity. Being one of the most reliable names in the real estate industry, Dreamland marketing has launched its most profitable project with the capacity to double your investment in a short period.

Dreamland Marketing is offering all overseas investors a CDA Approved commercial Project in the heart of Islamabad with all necessary approvals in hand.

Centre 9:

Centre 9 is the most awaited joint venture of “Nouman Builders” and “Dreamland Marketing”. Centre 9 is ideally located at the main Mangla road of G-9 Markaz “Karachi Company”. Centre Nine consists of Luxury Shops and offices with no Circulation area or charges.

Centre9 has got special distinction among other commercial projects in Islamabad because it is the only CDA Approved commercial project available on 2 years of easy installments with only a 30% Down payment.

Centre 9 can give back ROI up to 60%. Plus as Centre Nine is coming under the jurisdiction of CDA and CDA has the legacy to provide Approvals to only legal developers.  


Nouman Builders are the developers of Centre 9, if we talk about the past projects of “Nouman Builders” then G-7 Square, Elegance, Veranda Towers are the most notable projects. Nouman Builders has a reputation to deliver all their projects before time.


Possession of Centre 9 will be given in August 2023.

Why to invest in Centre 9:

There are many favorable Reasons to Invest in Centre 9 as you can yield immediately Monthly income by taking rents through full payment of either shop or office.

Centre 9 is a CDA approved project so there’s no worry for fraud or loss of money.

So, this is a golden opportunity for all the overseas investors to invest their money for better profit.