Investing in commercial real estate can be a good way to invest your money, especially if you live in a large city like Islamabad. Commercial investment in Islamabad is gaining momentum because being the capital of the country, the city is home to several national and international organizations. It is situated on the hyped-up route of CPEC, which makes it the future hub of regional commercial activities. The Blue area was considered the hub for all the commercial activities but now it is overfilled. To accommodate the needs of increased demand for commercial spaces, new commercial buildings are required. This is when the opportunity to invest in commercial properties in Islamabad comes.

You can rent your commercial property to any company and can earn a healthy amount of profit every month. There are many options for commercial investment in Islamabad like shops, office spaces, industrial spaces, restaurants, and warehouses.


Real estate investors prefer commercial property over residential because it has more advantages. 


One of the great advantages of investing in commercial real estate is its obvious profitability. Indeed, the average profitability of premises for commercial users is generally higher than residential real estate. The profitability of commercial property is even more attractive, especially if they are located in an attractive location.


Another reason to invest in commercial real estate is the diversity of premises available for sale. If you are interested in commercial investment in Islamabad, such as a shop or office space, you will find a huge selection. Investors are also interested to invest in hotels, restaurants, clinical facilities, and industry-specific zones.


The higher profitability of commercial real estate already promises you a better return on your investment. First, the longer rental periods ensure a certain permanence of rental resources. In addition, a certain number of routine maintenance costs are in principle the responsibility of the occupant.


In residential real estate, the tenants mostly leave the house in a sorry state, requiring repairs. This is not the same with commercial real estate. By acquiring offices, warehouses or businesses, you are guaranteed to find the place in good condition.


Here are some of the top commercial investment options in Islamabad where you can earn a good profit.


Gulberg Mall is a mega project of Islamabad, located at the entrance of Gulberg Greens. The multiple-story grey structure is ready and construction work is in speedy progress. The Gulberg Mall Islamabad is meticulously designed by renowned architect Jamshaid Khan. You can invest in commercial shops, apartments; food courts, cinemas, and penthouses that are available on a 3-year payment plan. 


The Walk Commercial is located in Park View City. It is spread over an area of 150 Kanal. It is accessible from the main boulevard, this commercial project is adjacent to the H and J blocks. This luxurious project has caught the eyes of many commercial property investors as it is going to be the next biggest commercial area in that location. Commercial plots of 1Kanal size are available for investment.


Majestic Mall is located in the landscapes of B-17 MPCHS and it is attracting many people. This mall has turned out to be a great commercial project and it is also a top ideal choice for investment. It is a project by Ajaib Group, which has already developed many residential and commercial projects. If you want to buy a shop and then set it on rent then this can be a good choice for you.


Park one is the project of APCO Groups that is quite well-known in the Real Estate Sector. It has become a remarkable project having both Residential & Commercial units under one roof. The area has become a style icon and symbol of elitism for urban infrastructure. The Mall is located next to the F-10 Commercial block, on 10th Avenue. It has 21 floors, out of which 3 floors are utilized as a shopping complex, and introduces 210 Commercial units showing off the latest amenities and providing the best services to the visitors. The demand for shops for sale in Park One never gets off the hype.


Mall of Islamabad is located in Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, right in the middle of Islamabad. This is the project of Bahria Town which is known as Asia’s largest and most famous real estate developer. All the high standards amenities or facilities are available in this mall and it is playing a vital role in the revolution of the real estate sector in Pakistan. If you want to grow your business fast then this can be an ideal choice for investing your money.