Top Real estate Trends In Pakistan

Pakistan is now home to some of the world’s fastest and most rapidly growing property markets. Many of the country’s major cities have now turned into hotbeds of property investments. Following the footsteps of other developed countries, Pakistan is working on strategies to adopt sustainable models in its key metropolitan areas to prevent sprawling.

The vision of vertical cities is absolutely in line with the sustainable development strategies. It emphasizes the need for intelligently planned high-rise developments to make the most optimal use of the available land in a crowded city, preserving the natural environment in its surroundings.

All these developments have triggered a major real estate investment shift from plots to high-rises and other sustainable housing projects, paving the way for new and well-planned property trends that are going to modernize the cities we live in.

High-Rise Buildings

Since development authorities in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, Pakistan’s three most economically active cities, now allow high-rise construction, the skylines of these metropolises are rapidly transforming. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) issued new guidelines favoring the construction of high-rises in urban centers. It was followed by another major development when Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) issued similar amendments for its jurisdiction.

An increase in high-rise construction has also benefited the construction and development sector. People who deal in raw materials are getting more business and laborers, architects, and engineers are getting new employment opportunities. The real estate sector of Pakistan is also gearing up for the development of skyscrapers. Buildings crossing the height of 150 meters require ingenious construction and design solutions.

Karachi’s skyline is dotted with many high-rise buildings and it is the very first city in Pakistan to host multiple completed and under-construction skyscrapers.

Mixed-used Developers

The concept of mixed-used builders has also been one of the most famous real estate trends in Pakistan in recent years. As the name suggests, it is a type of real estate development that hosts intelligently planned commercial, residential, and sometimes even corporate complexes under one roof.

Mixed-use complexes are usually found in the country’s vast and bustling urban centers of major metropolitan areas. Another very of the country’s vast and bustling urban centers of major metropolitan areas is the availability of indoor facilities and a secure environment.

Gated community

Along with high-rise apartments and mixed-use developments, the concept of gated residential communities is also thriving in Pakistan. Housing projects of Bahria Town in different parts of the country have converted the deserted suburbs of some of the major cities into serene yet ultramodern residential settlements. It won’t be wrong to say that Bahria Town in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad has laid the foundation of an ultramodern gated community living in Pakistan.

Keeping in view the increasing popularity of the concept of gated housing societies in the country, many investors and stakeholders have now shifted their focus towards this new and rapidly emerging property trend. 

Villa-style housing society

Gone are the days when only large mansion-type living spaces were categorized as villas. Paying heed to sustainable development and construction practices, the size of homes has shrunk in recent years. Making the most intelligent use of living space, villa-style homes are now being constructed in almost every other housing scheme across the nation. 

To ensure world-class and aesthetically pleasing urban arrangements, most of these housing units in a particular residential scheme have the same size and are uniformly designed with contemporary layouts.

It could be a one-level or a multiple-story structure surrounded by state-of-the-art neighborhood amenities. In some of the major Pakistani cities, small-sized villas are now being included in well-planned gated communities to offer a luxurious and modern-day living experience on a budget.


The concept of a townhouse, which is often referred to as a townhome, is not new. Many different countries around the world have been building townhouses for centuries. However, this property trend is relatively new to our country. 

The very basic concept of a townhouse goes perfectly in line with sustainable urban development. This type of property has a small footprint but to offer more living space, it features multiple stories. Many new housing developments in the country are now introducing townhouses.

They not only give a residential scheme an ultramodern look but also promote the concept of community living. For instance, there could be dozens of such small-sized housing units on a single street, resulting in a more connected and socially active neighborhood. 

Townhouses planned with today’s architectural techniques feel no less than villa homes, especially if they boast grand layouts and contemporary finishes. Budget-friendly yet comfortable, a townhouse in a gated community could be a perfect abode for a small family.