Real estate investment is one of the safest investment options in Pakistan and most people want to invest and live in housing societies.

People in Pakistan and also overseas Pakistanis used to invest in housing societies because it seems safer than other places to invest. But did you notice that some housing societies become more popular than the others, it’s just because they provide much better features and facilities than others and that’s why they attract the citizens.

If anyone is looking for a short-term investment, he should invest in developed societies, and those who want to invest for a longer-term they can invest in the developing societies but there are some major facilities or features which must be included in every housing society to pull the investors.

Finding a good residential society is not easy. Moreover, if you are new in this field, then there are huge chances that you may get your investment stuck in some fraudulent schemes. In this blog, we will discuss which housing society features makes it perfect.


Location is the most important factor while buying a property or selecting a housing scheme to live in. Properties located at prime locations always attract a large number of buyers due to the desire of many people to live there. Therefore it’s very important to note the location of a housing scheme. Housing schemes located near city centers, good road & transportation links, shopping areas, schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals are ideal for living.


When deciding on any scheme, the Developers’ reputation is the foremost aspect to consider. It actually reflects the overall standard of the housing scheme. Buyers and investors usually recommend investing in housing societies owned by reputable developers to ensure their investment remains safe. Another aspect to also view is a previous track record, does the developer has enough machinery, manpower, and finances. Has he previously honored his commitments on his prior projects this will help you to determine the developer’s credibility.


Having a clear legal status is necessary for any housing scheme. There are respective development agencies in every city that gives NOC to these developments. For instance, Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in Rawalpindi are the agencies that give final approval. They keep checking & balancing certain parameters to maintain the security, safety, and quality of development.

The legal approvals help people understand whether it’s developing legally or not. Since nobody wants to indulge in any scam. Thus, the legal status of the housing scheme makes it ideal for investment. 


Planning for a housing society is very important. Always buy property in well-planned housing schemes. A better-planned housing scheme is one that has underground electricity wiring, a modern sewerage system, wide roads, footpaths, parks, grounds, graveyards, and green open spaces. Housing societies with state-of-the-art planning always attract a large number of buyers due to the desire of people to live in well-planned housing developments. This is why DHA and Bahria Town are considered best for living and investment purposes.


Housing schemes in Pakistan provide many facilities. Always visit a housing society before buying a house or plot to observe the general facilities in that housing development. Best housing schemes are those that provide gated communities, wide roads, schools, hospitals, community areas, and parks, grounds with children’s play areas, commercial centers, Mosques, and 24-hour CCTV Camera Security. Housing schemes that provide these amenities always sell like hotcakes due to the desire of people to live in housing developments that have all basic facilities.

These are the basic features that a customer demands in any housing society. If you are looking to invest in any housing society you can contact Property Stock Pvt. Ltd. we will provide you best suggestions regarding your investment.