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Islamabad the Capital City of Pakistan is the only proper planned metropolitan city with a well-designed robust infrastructure and fully operated housing societies. Islamabad is among the safest city in World, consider the safest city for investment in Pakistan. This city offers its residents a pleasant environment with its lush green belts. Since this city is the administrative center of the country, so it has more attraction towards business activities rather than other cities of the country.

Blue Area Islamabad is the most notable commercial hub of the city. According to the latest study, there is no more space available for further business expansion in the blue area, as the existing commercial area is the most crowded market of Islamabad where businesses are exploiting earlier but due to the increase in the population of Islamabad. The need arises for the development of a new commercial area to adjust to new business opportunities in central Islamabad. So authorities have noticed the grand-scale development in the real estate sector according to which they have planned to expand the boundaries of the blue area from right to left towards the F-10 sector of Islamabad.

Inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan “Imran Khan”
Named it as “New Blue Area Islamabad”

According to PM’S Tweet:

“Launching the Islamabad Blue Area multi-billion rupees commercial project today. This will not only provide jobs but will also attract investment from overseas Pakistanis”.

New Blue Area Islamabad Location:

New blue area the next commercial hub location is a serene locality, as it is exactly opposite to the F-9 Park Islamabad. This grand-scale development is expected to bring with it a plethora of lucrative property investment opportunities in Islamabad.

This extension has another edge over the old blue area is, as it is right comes besides F-8, G-7, and G-8 Sectors of the capital.

Another important factor that makes this new blue area unmatchable is the neighboring Centaurus mall Islamabad, which is the most popular mall in Islamabad that significantly enhances the real estate implication of this new blue area Islamabad.

Investment Opportunities:

The wait is over! There is good news for developers and real estate investors of Islamabad.

Due to the connotation of the Blue Area, the public has keen-sighted the New Blue Area in the same modus as an extension of Blue Area. This lures the real estate investors and developers to acquire a piece of land in the new project in hopes of building the next mall, restaurant, hotel, corporate tower, or apartment complex. We as Dreamland Marketing excited to see what this new project conveys for the people of Islamabad.

We have confidence that the new commercial zone will be suitable for the following types of activities or businesses based on the nature and locality of the project.

  • Banks and Corporate Offices
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and Food courts
  • Shopping centers
  • Luxury apartments

Let’s talk about the most important consideration factor of the new blue area Islamabad which is its Investment opportunities. In history, this might be the first mega commercial project originated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Special Instructions were also forwarded to the builders for the preservance of trees and green belt. There are a total of 26 commercial plots available in this project. If we talk about the recent time some commercial plazas are being constructed already and on other plots, the pace of development is as fast as they are working day and night considering the importance of this project in mind. 

This mega project is the perfect example of:

“Hen who laid down golden eggs”

No doubt this project is worth costly but if we foresee the future benefits and revenue generation then this project is merely expensive.

As now if you visit the Jinnah Avenue from blue area turn left you will witness many high rise buildings constructed and in the phase of construction by most reputed developers such as Earth link, see 3, Meezan bank Building, Future Investments, Sanny Builders, Business Links, and many others.

As dreamland marketing Islamabad we are proposing and suggesting our prestigious investors invest in the future most rewarding opportunity “New Blue Ares Islamabad”.

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